Gourmet GRIL Cheese Sandwiches

All sandwiches include a bag of all-natural potato chips and a crispy dill pickle spear.

Gluten-free options

We can offer The Grayslaker, The Nana and The Holcomb Holler on gluten-free bread.  

Regarding any gluten allergies, please review our allergy FAQ


The Antny and The Regulator can be vegan(for an additional $2.50).


The Nana   $8.95

Named after my most amazing mother, the Nana is a perfect blend of sweet and savory. We start with two slices of a local, all-natural French bread, slab on creamy Brie, schmear some apricot preserves and top it with creamy Butterkase cheese(which is German for butter cheese). You'll be smiling for the rest of your day after you eat this one!

The Grayslaker   $7.95

As our most classic of sandwiches and named after our town of origin, this gooey delight features local, all-natural Pretzel bread, a pile of Colby and a helping of magically melting Muenster.  Just like mom made! Or, sorry mom, maybe just a little better.

The Regulator   $8.95

Looking for something 'healthy'? Well, not sure about this one, but we're getting close! We begin with local, all-natural Multi-grain bread, add heaps of White Cheddar and melty Muenster, and finish it off with a spread of seasoned artichoke hearts and fresh baby spinach. Do we dare say it will keep you 'regular'? Or, maybe regularly eating GRIL cheese sandwiches!

The F.O.S.   $8.95

Have you ever had a soup made into a sandwich? Well, meet our F.O.S.(French Onion Soup) sandwich. Perfectly cooked caramelized onions are surrounded by a mound of Baby Swiss, a heap of Butterkase and grilled between 2 slices of local, all-natural Pumpernickel. As a famous chef likes to say....."Yummo!" 

The holcomb holler(formerly The Jack it Up!)   $8.45

Are you feeling a little zesty? Try a mountain of Pepper Jack and Colby, with a helping of an award-winning habanero pineapple mango jam on our local, all-natural honey white bread. You deserve a sandwich that will bring the heat!

The Antny   $8.95

Named after my incredible father who has always supported our dreams, this tasty delight offers a huge taste of Italy!  Featuring slices of natural Mozzarella, shredded Fontina, a zingy tomato chutney, fresh basil and our local, all-natural rustic Italian bread, this  cheesy sensation will satisfy your greatest international cravings!

The Mustang   $8.95

As a tribute to our friends in Mundelein and the high school, we are temporarily offering this bacon-filled treat. On all-natural Sourdough, featuring mounds of White Cheddar and Colby and topped off with smoked bacon bits(real ones), this sandwich will finally answer that question......'do you have anything with bacon?" Why, yes we do! Enjoy....

For the Lil' Ones   $4.95

We do provide a smaller version of the Grayslaker, with chips and a juice box, for the kiddos.

This is meant to be a kid's meal. A pickle can be added for $.50



Breakfast Sandwich  $5.95

(Available on Saturday mornings til 11am)

Our new breakfast sandwich is made with all-natural Sourdough bread, an over-easy egg and a helping of gooey cheese. Now, we suggest the Butterkase, but we’re willing to do Colby if you insist.

Includes BYOM, bring your own mug for coffee, to go, while supplies last.




So simple, but oh so tasty. Shredded cabbage, carrots, yellow onion are  combined with just the right mix of mayo, mustard, apple cider vinegar and seasoning to create a fresh, crunchy partner for your sandwich.

Homemade soup   $3.00

Tomato bisque has been our lucky charm! We will offer more varieties in the Fall.

Sweet treats    $1.50

Locally-sourced, homemade cookies. We will run specials from time to time...maybe cannoli cake?