Q: Do you offer a gluten-free sandwich?

A: Where is pertains to people with a specific food allergy, i.e. Celiac Disease, yes we do. We have gluten-free bread and can prepare the sandwich on a griddle, with utensils, that are dedicated to just these sandwiches. However, please know that these sandwiches are prepared in the same kitchen as the gluten products. We are doing our best to limit the cross contamination.

Q: If you have GF bread, why can't just anyone order it?

A: While we would love to serve everyone that we can, we are just too small to accommodate every custom request. We have chosen to fulfill a responsibility to the food allergy community for now, and will consider expanding that in the future. The Celiac community has very few choices in the area of sandwiches.  While we respect people making the 'nutritional preference' decision to be gluten-free, an occasional gluten sandwich may not cause you any harm or pain. We sure hope you understand! Thanks for your patience.

Q: Why do you offer a vegan sandwich to everyone, but not a gluten-free sandwich?

A: Quite frankly, the vegan sandwich is just much simpler for us to stock, prep and cook than the GF sandwiches.  We realize this may not make sense, but Paul is happy to explain it in person if you stop by. 

A key we use on our Allergy Awareness menu:

GF= Sandwich is made with gluten-free bread. We  can cook it on a griddle, and w/utensils, that are dedicated for gluten-free sandwiches. However, please know this griddle is in the same kitchen as the gluten products.  $2.00 extra charge per sandwich

V-These sandwiches can be made with vegan cheese and vegan mayo.  $2.50 extra charge per sandwich

At this time, we do not have a GRIL-quality sandwich that is gluten-free AND vegan.

Feel free to ask for more details.


Q. Where's the American cheese?

A: Well, here's the thing. While we like the meltage of American 'cheese;' it's really not cheese at all. It is a processed cheese product. In fact, our farmer doesn't even carry American 'cheese'. 

Q: Where do you get your cheese?

A: A majority of our cheese comes from Cedargrove Farms in Plain, WI.  Their award-winning cheese is hand-crafted without artificial growth hormones, animal enzymes or GMO's.  

Q. Who makes your bread?

A.  Our main supplier is Breadsmith in Highland Park.  We also work with Kaufman's deli in Skokie.  Both of them work with natural ingredients and do not use additives or preservatives.

Q. How do you donate sandwiches?

A. As we track how many sandwiches we sell, this allows us to cook in places like shelters, churches, schools and other areas of the community for free. Another common way we donate sandwiches is offer parties for raffle prizes at fundraisers. If you have any ideas, please let us know.

 Q. Can I ask for a substitute?

 A. At this time, we have a small kitchen and a small staff. while we would love to accommodate every request, we just can't. We've put a lot of thought into the recipes and ask that you at l east give them a try. Deal?