Q: Do you offer a gluten-free sandwich?

A: We're going to give this one more shot.  We realize that it seems simple enough to offer GF bread, but it's a little more tricky than you think. We did find a good source for the bread which is more uniform in shape. For starters, we can offer The Grayslaker as gluten-free. We are not able to make the other sandwiches with this bread. We also do not have a dedicated gluten-free cooking surface. We are just offering the bread.  If you have any questions/concerns, please email our owner at [email protected].  

Q: Do you offer a dairy-free and/or vegan sandwich?

A: We did offer 2 sandwiches in a vegan version. However, due to extremely low sales, we can no longer justify stocking these products. As we grow, we may re-visit this in the future.

Q: How do you choose your ingredients?

A: The food we use should meet as many of these criteria as possile:

1) Scratch made by us, or one of our partners

2) As clean a label as possible

3) Does not need to be certified organic, or non-GMO, but no preservatives/chemiclas allowed if at all possible.

4) Preferably locally-sourced, unless it's not available here

5) Not frozen.

Q: What is the GRIL definition of local for your suppliers?

A:  Any one, or combination of:

1) Located in the same or nearby community.
2) Family-owned business
3) Smaller, regionally located company
4) A small business with a great story and/or some synergy with our focus
5) Preferably not 'big corporate'

We do our best to apply this criteria when working with a new supplier.

Q. Where's the American cheese?

A: Well, here's the thing. While we like the meltage of American 'cheese;' it's really not cheese at all. It is a processed cheese product. In fact, our farmer doesn't even carry American 'cheese'. 

Q: Where do you get your cheese?

A: A majority of our cheese comes from Cedargrove Farms in Plain, WI.  Their award-winning cheese is hand-crafted without artificial growth hormones, animal enzymes or GMO's.  

Q. Who makes your bread?

A.  Our main supplier is Highland Baking Co in Northbrook, but we also work with Breadsmith in Highland Park.  Both of them work with natural ingredients and do not use additives or preservatives.

Q. How do you donate sandwiches?

A. As we track how many sandwiches we sell, this allows us to cook in places like shelters, churches, schools and other areas of the community for free. Another common way we donate sandwiches is offer parties for raffle prizes at fundraisers. If you have any ideas, please let us know.

 Q. Can I ask for a substitute?

 A. We're not trying to be difficult. We just do not have enough space or staff to have sandwich stations and make each sandwich 'on-demand'. Even breaking out ingredients for 1 custom order takes more time than normal. We realize it seems simple enough to do, but it's really more involved. This is why we have standardized our process to pre-build the sandwiches each morning. It gives us the best chance to cook your sandwich in a timely fashion.  Secondly, we've spent several months developing these recipes and are grateful if you would first try them as they are. Trust us. :)

Q. Do you offer any discounts?

A. If you are a FT high school or college student, a Vet or 60+ yrs old, we do offer a free drink or cookie($1.79 value) with every meal purchased.