About Us


GRIL is a family-ownedcatering business that offers a variety of Gourmet GRIL cheese sandwiches, along with scratch-made sides and desserts.  Our menu has a focus on fresh, natural, chemical-free, locally-sourced ingredients.

We started working out of our basement, cooking all over the place with a pancake griddle.  After trying our hand at a shop, we now focus on private catering with a unique private chef experience, public events and corporate lunches. While we do not have a truck, we do have a mobile kitchen which allows us to cook in many unique locations.

Did we forget an 'L' in our name? Nope. Our business is built on 4 pillars: Gratitude, Integrity, Respect, and Local.  We are committed to not only providing incredible food, but also top-notch service and making a difference in our local community.  Our mission is to impact our local community in a positive way through donating and educating.  We donate by cooking in shelters, churches,  schools and other similar organizations with people in need. We often donating sandwich parties as raffle items for fundraisers.  In addition to donating, we hope to educate people, especially children, about the importance of clean food and supporting other local business owners.  Thus, our tagline is 'Sandwiches with a Purpose'. Remember, your next sandwich purchase could make a difference in the lives of others!

So, why did we start this business? Well, our own personal story is a bit long for this page. But, we will tell you this. We're tired of children growing up  with fast, processed food and a microwave.  Heck, they should at least know what a  good GRIL-ed sandwich is like. Also, anyone who can't afford to eat out, should also have the chance to enjoy it from time to time.  Thus, GRIL, Inc was born.