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Q. Where's the American cheese?

     A: Well, here's the thing. While we like the melt factor of American 'cheese', it's really not cheese at all. It is a processed cheese product. In fact, our farmers don't even carry American 'cheese'. 

Q: Where do you get your cheese?

     A: A majority of our cheese comes from Cedar Grove Farms in Plain, WI. Their award-winning cheese is handcrafted without artificial growth hormones (rBGH), animal enzymes, or genetically modified ingredients (GMOs).  

Q. Who makes your bread?

     A. Cacao Sweets & Treats in good ol' Grayslake, IL. Their  handmade breads are only ever made of organic and local, non-gmo ingredients.

Q. Are all of your suppliers really all local?

    A. We do our very best to source any and all products as close to our local headquarters(Grayslake, IL) as we can. Our goal is to also support small business owners/entrepreneurs that is supporting our local economy, which includes southern WI :) Please refer to the vendor page on this site.

Q. Aren't you missing some letters.... gril cheese sandwiches?

    A. Nope! We don't sell any grilled cheeses, only gril cheeses. Simple enough.

Q. Can I ask for a substitute?

     A. Whether this is your first time eating with us, or you are one of our beloved regulars, any special request will be considered. We just ask for your patience and understanding for whatever answer we give. While some breads can be simply substituted, most of the sandwich recipes leave very little 'wiggle room'. But, we'll do our best. 

Q. Do you offer a military discount?

    A. YES! Thank you so much for serving! We proudly will provide a 20% discount to any past or present veteran who can provide us with proper identification that reflects as such.

Q. It looks like my sandwich has markings and 'burnt cheese' hanging off of it. What is that?

     A. Well, because we shred our cheese, it does tend to have a life of its own and find its way onto the griddle. We love that no 2 sandwiches will really ever look alike because they have a 'birthmark', sometimes called a 'cracklin' or a 'skirt' of cheese. They're no extra charge! Enjoy.

Q. Hey, it's my birthday. What did you get me?

     A. Well, all we ask is that you prove it(ok, we'll give you +- a few days) and you get free dessert.