GRIL Catering Menu

Specific pricing for your event will be provided within 24hrs of receiving all the details.

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An on-site cooking experience!

A full meal includes:

  • 2 hours of on-site cooking for minimum of 10 people

  • A variety of 3 sandwiches chosen from our full menu

  • 2 servings of a cold side dish

  • mini kosher dill pickles for the group

  • 1 bottled water per person

  • A sweet treat, +$2/person, platter of cupcakes and cookies

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Just Sandwiches

  • Would you like to provide your own sides for your event? Great idea!

  • Please choose 3 sandwiches from our full menu

  • Cooking time is still 2 hours, or additional time can be added for a fee


The following policies apply to on-site events

  • A travel fee may apply in some cases.

  • While we do keep some inventory, a 7 day notice is preferred as our bread is baked fresh based on the orders we get.

  • A $200 deposit is required to save the date, or paid in full is under $200.

  • Please use our online booking system to secure a date and request a proposal.


We deliver!

Order Online

  • We cover Lake, eastern McHenry and Northern cook

  • A 5-pack includes 5 'ungrilled' sandwiches of any variety, along with cooking instructions. This is a minimum order, but

  • it's ok to order more than 5 :)

  • We prefer 24 hr notice, but we can be faster if needed


Sandwiches with a Purpose!

REMEMBER: For every sandwich we sell,

we donate a Grayslaker to a person, child or family in need.



The Nana

Named after my amazing mother, we start with 2 slices of a local, organic 'plumped up' baguette, a slab of creamy Brie, schmear some apricot   preserves and top with creamy Butterkase cheese (German for butter cheese).

The Regulator

We begin with local, organic multi-grain bread, add heaps of White Cheddar with seasoned artichoke hearts and organic baby spinach. Do we dare say it will keep you 'regular'?


The Grayslaker

As our most classic of sandwiches, this gooey delight features local, organic cheesy herb bread, a pile of Colby and a helping of magically melting Muenster. 


The Jack it Up!

Are you feeling a little zesty? Try a mountain of Pepper Jack and Colby on our local, organic Sourdough bread. You deserve a sandwich with a little zing!


The Antny

Named after my incredible father who has always supported our dreams, this tasty delight features slices of natural Mozzarella, shredded Provolone, a zingy tomato chutney and fresh basil on organic Herb Cheese bread.

The F.O.S

Meet our F.O.S. (French Onion Soup) sandwich. Perfectly cooked caramelized onions are nestled among a mound of Baby Swiss, a heap of Butterkase and grilled between 2 slices of dark rye bread.


The A.P.

Why not make a pie into a sandwich? If you love when sweet meets savory, then this one is for you. Nestled between 2   slices of organic sourdough is a mouth-watering blend of White Cheddar and homemade apple pie filling. Need we say more?


Homemade Sides

Sweet N’ Tangy Slaw

So simple, but oh so tasty. Shredded cabbage, carrots, yellow onion are   combined with just the right mix of mayo, apple cider vinegar and seasoning to create a fresh, crunchy partner for your sandwich.

3 Bean Salad

A tasty trio of beans (ok, technically legumes) magically marinated in a refreshing brine and mixed with just the right amount of sweet onion, green pepper and celery. Just like Nana makes!