How did you think of this idea?

I often get this question. The answer I usually give is ..."Well, it started in late 2015 on a friend's couch, having a beer or two, and we thought it could be a food truck." The most accurate answer is this started when God blessed me with the spiritual gifts of hospitality, leadership and administration. So, I guess you can say this idea originated about 50yrs ago! 

It's possible that some of you can relate to a journey of 'finding your calling.'  Quite frankly, when people would say, "It's not work when it's your passion", I would tune it out, never believing it would ever happen to me. My career has been a roller coaster of self-employment and many "I'll give this a shot". I'm sure it looked like I was changing careers just to change.

While I have been licensed as a real estate broker since 2001, something always tugged at me that there was something else. Well, truth be known, there were times I gave up on that dream. Although, I was good at fooling people. Then, the idea for GRIL hit me right between the eyes. It ALL started to make sense. The twists and turns of my career, the reason I needed to meet certain people when I did, the significance of the peaks and valleys all began to line up and make sense. It finally happened. I now know the exact reason why God put me on this earth.

Even as I write this, my head is spinning. I can keep going for several pages! But, I am going to spare you. Please know this, when you eat one of our sandwiches, it really does have a purpose beyond satisfying your hunger. The reason we wake up each morning is that we know we can make a difference. I've told many people that I did not start this as some cute, hobby-like, part time business. GRIL will be a huge company one day, maybe even Wow, sounds strange to say right now. GRIL is beyond the sandwiches. It is a philosophy of how to do business. It's a mission to make a difference. Our sandwiches really do have a purpose.

Gratitude         +       Respect        +      Integrity        +      Local= GRIL, Inc


I was hesitant to do this, but was encouraged that I needed to share my story. This pretty much sums up all the 'faces of Paul'. Thanks for listening. I hope to see you soon!